Keyhole Surgery

Keyhole Surgery in Ahmedabad

What is Key Hole Surgery?

Keyhole is a kind of surgery that enables a specialist to get to within abdomen and pelvis without making a large incision in the skin. This technique is also named as Laparoscopic surgery or Minimally invasive surgery. Large cuts can be abstained from amid keyhole surgery on the ground that the surgeon utilizes an instrument called a laparoscope. There is a little tube which has a light source and a camera, which transfers pictures of within the abdomen or pelvis to a TV screen. Keyhole or Laparoscopic surgery took over traditional surgery because of following advantages:

  • Faster recovery and hospital discharge
  • Less pain and bleeding after operation
  • Reduced scarring

Keyhole Surgery in Ahmedabad

Why Keyhole Surgery?

Keyhole Surgery in Rajasthan

Keyhole Surgery helps to analyze an extensive variety of conditions that create inside the abdomen or pelvis. It can be used to complete surgical procedures, likewise evacuating a harmed or ailing organ or expelling a tissue test for additionally testing (biopsy)

Keyhole is used commonly in:

  • For Gynecological issues - Keyhole is widely used in study and treatment of those conditions, which affects reproductive system of females.
  • Gastroenterology - Conditions, study and treatment, which relates to the digestive system.
  • Urology - Medical conditions or problems regarding the urinary system.

Keyhole surgery can be used in many other medical conditions or problems as for appendicitis, abdominal pain, fibroids and many more.

Keyhole Surgery at Subhadra Hopital

Laparoscopic surgery starts with general Anaesthetic, so the patient would not feel pain during the procedure. Surgeon gives one or more small incision in the abdomen. Through incision surgeon inserts Laparoscope, small surgical tools and a tube which comes in use to pump gas in the abdomen. All these surgical tools make surgery easier to observe every small thing and operate. Gas releases out of abdomen, incisions closes with stitches and dressing is applied. Surgeons of Subhadra Hospital allow discharge of some of the patients on the same day of surgery or in some cases patient need to stay overnight. Dr. K. S. Purohit is well known for Keyhole surgery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we do every year several surgeries of out of Gujarat patients also. Subhadra Hospital is framed name for keyhole surgery in MP and Rajasthan. keyhole surgery info on cost Subhadra Hospital in Ahmedabad

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